Monday, March 16, 2009

Ways to make money on the web

So you want to make money on the internet, huh? Below are some of the most common ways. 

Why do I bother sharing a list like this? Because a key reason most people fail is they fail to consider their options before starting.

My highlights are not strictly accurate, because there are good approaches to each of these things. I'm going to elaborate on this over time and link to information as I go:

The best combination of profit and simplicity for web newbies.
The things people tend to try most frequently.
The best profit for people who are willing to work steadily without quitting

A. Sell information:
  1. Create information and sell it;
  2. Sell someone else's information as if it were your own;
  3. Promote someone else selling information.
B. Create content, and then place around what you write:
  1. Ads that pay when someone acts on them (clicks an ad, for example);
  2. Ads that pay based on how many people see them;
  3. Information for sale that you receive a commission on;
  4. Products for sale that you receive a commission on;
  5. Links to other sites where you earn money.
C. Help people with existing businesses:
  1. Sell their services;
  2. Sell their products;
  3. Set up or enhance a web presence.

D. Sell products:
  1. Drop-ship (you sell something that someone else ships for you);
  2. Buy products and ship them yourself;
  3. Via multi-level marketing.
Start a product or service business of your own and use the web to promote

B2 is essentially a strategy to get a lot of traffic to a focused niche. It's a little misleading, because basically you can't even get these kinds of ads unless you get a lot of traffic to your content. So B2 represents a strategy to get a lot of traffic and the longer you work it, the better it works. Realize that once you have a lot of traffic, you can do other things with it as well.

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