Monday, September 28, 2009

Twitter is just stupid, pointless hype?

So many clueless people, so little time... Recently,  Patrick Kershaw wrote an article about the valuelessness of Twitter. An excerpt:

"Consider Twitter…I am unable to see the benefit on even a personal level. I am not a celebrity-watcher, nor do I care what others are doing every minute of their lives. So is any value added at all? I don't think so.…If you cannot see a benefit, don't follow the hype."
Too many journalists have been doing no research on how Twitter is actually used

While Patrick (not a journalist) also made some points about how he feels social networks can be used, many journalists don't even bother. They just direct withering criticism at people who use a communications medium to tell others what they are doing.

Never mind that Twitter can be used to communicate anything; the fact that a few people use it in ways they think they never would means it must be worthless for everyone. Never mind actually researching what you are writing about and finding out what people are actually doing; stick to simple stereotypes.

A journalist's time saver: A pre-written article about pointless fads like Twitter

So in the interest of saving everyone time, I have created a template to assist busy journalists not interested in doing their own research. Simply copy the article below and publish it as your own writing:
Dear readers,

I, an important journalist, want to tell you that Twitter is just stupid, pointless hype because I heard that someone once used it to write what they were having for breakfast. I promise I will never use Twitter.

These things are so easy to spot for someone as smart as me. In fact, yesterday, I saw someone in the grocery store talking about cereal on their mobile phone! Anything you would use to talk about cereal is just hype. No phones for me.

I really can pick 'em, can't I? Someone told me the other day my articles are now being published on the internet. Do you realize the internet is full of pages of funny cat pictures? Another pointless, flash-in-the-pan medium.

It seems like there are a lot of stupid things that will be going away soon. My friend told me people sometimes get offensive messages from people they don't know by email. Clearly only morons use email.

Here's one that made me laugh: I saw someone in the park holding a stupid picture up to their face. Another moronic trend. Attached to the back were hundreds of pages with letters printed on them—all about that dumb picture! Books are unbelievably stupid.

And I can't believe you've overlooked the dumbest fad of all: Why haven't more people noticed—as I have—that other people are always saying stupid things? People are pointless.

That's why I live in a cave.

Communicating is just stupid, pointless hype.
The article beginning "Dear readers" is offered free of copyright under an Uncreative Morons license.


  1. Very funny! I think most of the journalists bashing twitter are merely trying to get attention.

  2. i quite agree it is pointless hype but human by nature is social being and need to do something to live their life.. U are too good to live in cave doing nothing neither interested in reading.. But humans by nature being social find one or the other way to pass time around..n twitter is just anotherway for that...

  3. Initially, I thought the same thing about Twitter. When I took the time to really learn it, my opinion changed drastically.

    I use it to keep up with industry news, follow stories friends have written, spot trends, and talk to people who will tweet a response but would never bother to email me. I found two sources for my last story, who in turn introduced me to someone who offered a half-dozen more ideas. I'm reading more news, connecting with more readers and peers, than ever.

    As a former skeptic, I'd like to suggest fellow journalists find people who interest them, get something like Tweetdeck to groups by categories, then sit back and listen a while. Read. Learn. And when they're ready, interact.

    I think Twitter holds great potential for journalists. You get out of it what you put into it. It doesn't have to be about what you ate for breakfast.

  4. Agree with Carmen - It doesn't have to be about what you ate for breakfast.
    Some people are just too shallow minded to see beyond this. As with anything, until you learn how to use it to your benefit, it will appear stupid.

  5. I'm an activist who posts (on Twitter) short headlines + links -- about torture, death penalty, human rights, civil rights -- helping to direct people to alternative sources for articles/news that they won't necessarily get on their own MSM. It's quicker than blogging, and spreads the word fast. Brilliant.

    I see "mainstream journalists" (with fat heads I'm afraid) sneering 'knowingly' about Twitter and I think to myself, "You're SO badly educated, man". They're middle aged -- but I'm 59, and I know Twitter. They just haven't bothered to find out. Love your pre-written template. :)

  6. Let's all snail mail our blogs to Patrick! I wrote about this "jump ship" phenomenon on my blog a few months ago: Not sure why lame-o google won't let me paste the url, but search for Twitter on my blog to find it.