Monday, October 06, 2008

Solving multimedia problems on Vista

A video production user with many Directshow filters and plugins installed simultaneously (they take video from many different formats, hack them and put them back together) found this was a huge help to them. They had to import lots of video not native to the program they needed to use, or needed to use a media splitter/demuxer to fool the application into importing the video at all.

Got high cpu loads caused by audio/video apps hanging, or related to the "Multimedia Class Scheduler?"

If you are an advanced Vista users, visit and after you uninstall Quicktime and anything that relies on Quicktime (such as itunes), install:

  • K-lite codec package
  • Quicktime Alternative
  • Quicktime-itunes addon
If you edit, process, or format video for a variety of devices, this will help media apps dependent on media splitting, demuxing, or importing through directshow from hanging and using a high percentage of your cpu cycles.

Almost anyone who works heavily with media can benefit from the K-lite codec package.

I put it on virtually every system I configure or maintain. And if you've been having Quicktime/iTunes issues, is a good place to know about. Anyway, as Joe Glessner at says, "Never install iTunes on a Windows machine. There are other options for managing your iPod, and iTunes is a resource hog."

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