Friday, February 29, 2008

Easy piano improvisation for anyone

I'm sure you heard this one before! But this is different from anything else I've seen. Really!! I can teach you (free) to play in under five minutes, and you'll be learning to improvise, read music and understand music theory at the same time. And you can keep playing, WITHOUT FURTHER LESSONS, and have a great time! It's incredible, and I wouldn't have believed it if I, a non-piano player hadn't stumbled into it myself. I play all the time now, and have a great time!

Here's an example of me just playing around after I had been improvising for a few weeks: Night Sky Over Water. You can easily do as well! It will sound a lot better than you can imagine, but remember, I've taught this method to a four-year-old successfully! (On this recording, I was just playing around and hit the "Record" button on my electric piano. Frustratingly, everytime I press "Record" I play worse!)

If you want to get an idea of why it's easy to improvise melodies (harmonies are even easier), try this cool music composition tool, or this free online music tool (press "C" on your keyboard once it loads): click on different dots to create melodies. And if you really want to play around with easy music online, don't miss the barbershop quartet site. (Hint: click on the horses.)

I used to buy or try to learn more about all the "Easy Piano" methods out there. None of it worked for me. The enjoyment wasn't there. I even tried (gasp!) practicing. But since I don't know how to play the piano or read music, "practice" wasn't too successful. I learned to play three pieces by rote with a LOT of effort. Yes, I can hear you saying it: take lessons! But somehow I knew there was something else for me.

I've taught this to kids UNDER the age of five (and over the age of seventy) with great success. And I'll teach it to you for free! I want to get some more experience with how different people learn, and this is such a great addition to anyone's life I love sharing it with people.

Click the big blue Call Me button down to the right (it won't show me your number so your privacy is safe, you can read about the Call Me button here) and let's set something up! If you want to wait for some written instruction with tips and tools, I'll be putting it up at Really Easy Piano.

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