Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wireless music streaming on the ultra-cheap

Picked up a Logitech Wireless DJ system. Terrific reviews, and now that it is out of the main stores (Logitech has moved on to different versions of the same technology), great price. Instead of $250 original list price, now well under $100 at eBay and many internet retailers.

The remote works great for browsing internet radio and all music on our PC. (Give the remote a few minutes to update changes you make to your music player before you see them on the LCD display).

But pick up a wireless speaker system
and you can stream music to multiple rooms simultaneously. I like Innovation Lab's Blue Tango Rock BT Wireless Audio System, which can be had for as low as $20 before shipping (computer Geeks unadvertised sale). If you had bought Logitech's solution for multiple rooms at list, it would have cost $500! Combining Logitech and IL's Blue Tango to knock $400 off that is pretty nice.

Set up the Blue Tango system on the rooms list of the Logitech remote and you can turn music on or off in any room you set sound up in. Get multiple Blue Tango systems for multiple rooms.

Note that Blue Tango connects to any existing stereo system, but also comes with speakers. I'm streaming the same internet radio in the study (under computer control) and the living room (Logitech control) and the bedroom (computer control with Blue Tango). Amazing to have so much wireless music control for only around $100 (before shipping)

(Yes, also cool is just use the Blue Tango alone. You don't get a remote so have to control everything from the PC, but .. only $20!)

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