Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Are you some kind of Twit(ter)? Who types what they're doing throughout the day?!

People are starting to have a lot of conversations on Twitter.  Of course, Twitter is like an insane asylum sometimes .. people call out, you answer, and then they disappear, babble randomly, or answer days later. You could call it it real-time microblogging.

The big question: Why? (Or, "Are you nuts?!")
Here's how Todd Mintz describes Twitter: to some friends at a large group event:

Look around the room. We’re having a conversation…one of about 50 going on at this event.”

“Now imagine you had the ability to listen in on all 50 conversations simultaneously. Furthermore, you have the ability to participate in any of the 50 conversations that you find interesting. Beyond that, you have the ability to engage any person in the room in a new conversation about any topic you wish.”
“That is what Twitter is about. Twitter is conversation participation omniscience…it is taking the power of what I just described and doing it on a global scale. On Twitter, there are an infinite number of conversations going on that you can participate in. On Twitter, there are an infinite number of interesting people that you can engage in conversation. From Twitter, there are an infinite number of possibilities arising from these conversations.” 

And it's a way for anyone to talk to anyone. The internet is often viewed as breaking down the barriers between people, but Twitter achieves that in way well beyond what most other internet-enabled technologies have done.

And it takes only a really small amount of time: Twitter posts are limited to 140 characters each! Do yourself a favor and do a Google search on Twitter to read all the reasons different bloggers have for Twittering.

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