Monday, August 17, 2009

Make a Photoshop Web Design Template That is Designer and Developer Friendly

There is a great article explaining how to create the layers for a photoshop web design template but they didn't include a sample PSD file to start from.

Here is a Web Design Wireframe Template created in Photoshop CS2 to help you get around the procrastination of creating one for yourself :). Its is based on the layers covered in the article.

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Big list of free photoshop alternatives

Here's a big list of  free photoshop alternatives. Many are online and you can start instantly—no download, no installation. Why should you check out more than one of these if you find one you like? Many have cool and useful features that others don't have, so it's worth doing a little research.

Photoshop Express Online flauntR Dumpr
Sumopaint Pic Resize Lunapic
Picnik Pixenate Aviary
Splashup FotoFlexer CinePaint
Artweaver Phixr Pixen
GIMP Kizoa Krita
Paint.NET Pixlr Pixen
Seashore Picmagick PhotoFiltre
Photoscape Pictureful PaintStar
Inkscape picture2life Pixia
PhotoPlus SE Snipshot Active Pixels
Phoenix Flauntr ChocoFlop
FaceFilter Photo Pos Lite
Snipshot Webpictool

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