Friday, May 23, 2008

How to use voice recognition free on your computer.

Line drawing man listening on phone, talking voice on headset, taking notesLots of people don't realize voice recognition is already available free on their computer (if they own a recent edition of Office or are running Vista). You just have to turn it on/activate it. Or, it can be purchased for under $40 (see bottom of this post). It bothers me that there were no replies to request for help on this issue anywhere on the web--meaning few are using this great feature.

Not that many people are using voice recognition, and that's a shame. It's a great FREE feature in all the recent versions of Office until 2007 (which was removed because Microsoft put it directly into Vista). I do get asked how easy it is to use (very!!) and what you need to get started.

headset and microphone simple line drawing for voice activation usersIf you do want to start using it, a few recommendations are:

  • You can start with any microphone that is convenient, but I recommend that you...

  • Get a head-mounted noise-canceling microphone (as little $15). Even better is to pay more and get a USB-based noise-cancelling microphone, starting around $30;

  • Go through all the training scripts (a few extra minutes of talking into a microphone);

  • Set accuracy for maximum (runs slow, but better results);

  • Click on incorrect words and say "correction" and choose the correct word from the drop-down list (if the correct word is shown). Helps the engine improve recognition.

voice recognition wearable headset over head styleDon't have it and want it? Here are three highly rated vendors you can buy it from in early 2008: $36.95 �� $47.23 �� $46.55. (The product you are buying in some cases is Works 2002 Suite with Word 2002/XP included. It's Word that gives you the voice recognition--plus you get the whole suite of Works products!)

Also, here's a tip on a
minor annoyance to be aware of.

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  1. you dont tell us how to to turn it on though ?