Monday, May 12, 2008

Google: So powerful, even their jokes generate bandwidth

Google joke: TISP broadbandOkay, if you aren't familiar with Google's original joke ("TISP: Going with the flow"), it's here:

.. don't bother doing a double-take after visiting the link: yes, that's Google's URL: this is a joke from Google awhile back.

And yes, they're suggesting you flush your bandwidth down the toilet for best results.

Fast forward to the present:

This is now actually happening.

H2O Networks Ltd (love the name!) has found a city that their CEO Elfed Thomas says has "360,000 miles worth of sewers" that they hope to use to bring "next generation connectivity" to the residents at speeds approaching 100Mbps.

Yes, this is really happening--the city is Bournemouth in the UK.

Now they just need to come up with a name for the service. Suggestions?

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