Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Most important internet patch of all time happened yesterday!!

First, go to this site and click the "Check my DNS" button immediately to see if you are vulnerable! Vendors from around the world formed an unheard of alliance to attack this problem.

Researchers from around the world recently met (at Microsoft) to figure out how to fix the internet. It was broken, but they couldn't tell anyone, lest someone try to take advantage of it. This was a design flaw that showed up in EVERYONE'S network.

Yesterday, companies around the world simultaneously released a patch to protect us from the problem.Why all at once? So the bad guys don't learn about it from one company's patch, and then attack the other companies.

Read more about this amazing problem and the process that took place to fix it. This is a DNS problem so serious it can hijack not only ALL email, but even cause large sites such as Google and Yahoo! to tale unsuspecting visitors to malware sites.

Another interesting article is Once-skeptical security researchers now agree that the critical bug in the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS) protocol is the real deal.

Quote: 'It is way more serious than we had imagined,' says critic after closed briefing. Note: It's still not "fixed," it's only patched. Several months are still estimated to be needed to fix the problem. The patch was done in a complicated manner to slow down the bad guys from breaking it, but it's still possible.

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