Monday, January 22, 2007

Will multi-touch change computing?

While the first sales of this system have been to the military, what might this mean for the internet?

I think the number of educational flash-using sites/blogs will skyrocket .. eventually. Flash is great for educational "videos," and blogging has pushed the amount of educational material up tremendously on the web. But flash is too complicated to learn (not to mention expensive) for most people. Even though there are less expensive packages that create flash, alas, they are still too complicated for most people.

If Apple (who else?) one day includes this kind of on-screen intuitive interface, people will start using it to create educational content very widely. (Update: Of course, they have now included it on the iPhone). You could eventually see a kind of YouTube for flash, as average people will be able to create flash content as easy as creating video.

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